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First Post Of Lord Iceberg

Well, I'm now a 'Fightin' Scot', Good feeling really.

Hello, my name is Lord Iceberg, net loon and bagpipe player not so extroadinare. I have been learning chanter for the past term or two, and got my first set of pipes last Monday. So yes, I am a newbie, I admit, but I'm already obsessed with the bagpipes! Hence, I thought it would be profitable for me to join this community.

For those of you who want to find more about me on the web, you can go to my journal. You can also find more about the council_of_dei, (the organisation of which I am second-to-head honcho, by clicking here. Or, you can have a look at my writing here.

Scots Wahay!
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Heh, that's cool. I didn't think anyone would join, since "Fightin' Scots" are something related to the school a few members here go to. Welcome, I guess.
Thanks for accepting me! I appreciate it :)
Ditto on that. I thought this would be a community for people that attend our school but it doesn't hurt to have others. I dunno, let the mods decide that. Welcome.
Was stravaiging the interweb looking for Scottish sites and came across your space. It looks like it is probably not the place for me, but good luck with it onyways. Here is a link to a picture of Ben Lomond that I took:


(PS: If it helps, I once had a fight in Scotland.)